Everyone comes to APEX for a different reason. It could be because you’re absolutely stoked to soak in what the speakers have to say, you’re ready to face your fears on the giant swing, you want to display your talents at the annual talent show, or you want to be the champion of the Blitz Games.

But regardless of what brings you to APEX, students continually say that the most important thing about APEX is what they leave with: relationships.

APEX is so much more than an amazing event with awesome activities. It’s a community. Since APEX is the hub of building and strengthening relationships, what better way to talk about it than to use the personality test that prioritizes relationships? That’s right. Let’s talk Enneagram.

If you don’t know what type you are, I highly recommend you do a whole bucket-load of research and read a few books before typing yourself. But you can also start here.

If you do know your type, then let’s dig in!



Type 1:

You have probably been anticipating APEX for several weeks and most likely packed in advance instead of waiting until the night before. After your hectic travel day, you’re definitely ready to check-in, get settled, get your schedule and get started! As you analyze the messages of the speakers and examine if the conference is run efficiently enough, you start to find yourself drawn to the people in your small group (even though you’re the most competent one in it). While conversations blossom throughout the week, you meet people who value vulnerability and seek to understand you and love you just the way you are. By the end of the week, you might not remember how many minutes late each session started, but you do remember your new friends, and you’ll be in touch with them often.


Type 2:

What drew you to APEX? Definitely the people. You’ve heard that it’s the best community ever, so you’re ready to experience some of that. You immediately seek out friends at the dinner table before the first session, and you become the mother hen of your small group. You’re constantly seeking out other people’s needs in order to make sure they’re taken care of, and you’re determined to make as many relationships as possible. But as you go, you find that you’re not the only one who cares to build these relationships. The people you’ve invested in care about your needs, too, and they’re ready to listen and help you, too. As the week ends, your heart is full of all the people you’ve placed into it and the knowledge that other people have you in theirs as well.


Type 3:

You of all people know exactly why you came to APEX. You know the speakers you’re most excited about and you know that you’re going to lead your Blitz Games team to victory. You’re examining your small group and team on the first night to see what you need to do to secure the Blitz Games Champion title. While you were planning on being well-liked and are used to adding life to any party, you start to notice that people are genuinely loving you. They don’t care how many credits you’ve earned in 6 months, but they care about your passions, and that’s a really great feeling. Heading home, you feel encouraged to go home and kick school, work, and your passion project in the butt after a week of being truly loved.


Type 4:

You come to APEX most excited about putting faces to the legends of the community that you’ve heard so much about. You’ve heard that APEX is the place to meet countless people living their own unique lifestyles because they’re Unbound. You’re skeptical anyone will truly understand your lifestyle, but you’re ready to meet these dynamic people. The Blitz Sessions speakers blow your mind with their unique and powerful stories. During free time, you decide to give your new friends a chance by oversharing your feelings yet again, and instead of finding people checking out or backing away, you find them coming closer. They want to know you and see the beauty of your own story. You know you’ve found true gems and lifelong friends as you board your plane back home and plug sad music into your ears.


Type 5:

Sometimes you wonder why you decided to come to APEX. Because people. Lots of people. But you know you carefully examined the pros and cons, and you decided the sheer amount of knowledge would be worth it. You’re most excited to hear from experienced speakers and get practical advice from your fellow alumni in the Blitz Sessions. You’re not sure which makes you happier — your alone time at the coffee shop when you manage to escape or realizing that your knowledge became invaluable to your team to crack the code in the Blitz Games — and that surprises you. Your small group makes you feel more comfortable opening up, and you feel like you really learned how to enjoy the present moment in the midst of those conversations. Once you’ve arrived home and processed your week, you’re ready to reach out to those few but close people you want to keep around.


Type 6:

You’re not sure you’re going to love APEX, and you’re not sure that giant swing is very safe or good for you. You know that even if you don’t love the small groups, you can find different people during free time and that if you don’t like the food, you’ve also brought snacks to remedy that. You’ve got your eye on Jonathan Brush and that vague “Rule #4,” but you’re willing to follow along since everything seems fine. Your analytical thinking comes in handy on your Blitz Team as you make a foolproof strategy to win the game at hand. As you dive deeper into the friendships you’re making, you know that you’ve found people you can trust. You’ve found people of substance, and you want to stick around them long after the camp confines you to the same space.


Type 7:

You are probably starting your APEX journey with a pre-PEX and have plans for a post-PEX. As you arrive, you are absolutely stoked to go through the week. There is constantly something new to be doing and tons of people’s stories to know. With coffee as your fuel, you realize that APEX is synonymous with adventure — and you love it. But in those rare moments of silence between the go karts and the giant swing, you find people who want to dive into your life story, too, and you begin to enjoy even the moments between activities…until you challenge them to a race. You still aren’t sure you’re ready to process the goodbyes, but that’s okay. Now you can head off on your now post-PEX adventure.


Type 8:

Yeah, you’ve heard the other Blitz Teams try to convince you that they’re the best, but you know they haven’t seen real dominance yet. You’ve come to win, and you’ve come to win your team over to get it done. At each meal, you have a new topic to discuss and throw it out with shock value to see who has enough substance to counter you. Much to your excitement, you’ve found worthy opponents who want to debate you on these topics, and it takes up most of your week. As you get to know your small group and Blitz Team better, you find out who’s trustworthy, and they become your new closest friends. By the week’s end, you have found a surprising amount of people with solid heads on their shoulders, and you’ve shared some vulnerable thoughts. And it feels good. You’re quite proud to be heading home with the Blitz Games Champion title, a few close and trustworthy friends, and a lot of fans.


Type 9:

Arriving at APEX feels like a breath of fresh air because you received a schedule, and that schedule tells you what to do for a whole week (besides free time, but don’t think about it now). You don’t mind too much what’s on it, but you’re excited to learn, try to understand some people, make some people feel good, and have a good week. You are quieter at the beginning as you try to get a feel for the vibe of the event, but as you participate more in your small group and Blitz Games team, you find it extremely fun to jump out of your comfort zone and bring people along with you. Your team lets you know at the end of the week that you were an invaluable asset to the team, and that they couldn’t have done it without you. Some kind friends tell you that you matter a great deal to them, and they can’t wait to see you again. You get off with the warm fuzzy feeling of being seen and loved, and you live in the bliss of it as you travel home.


Was your type accurate? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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