Hello. Jay Here.  
Sorry to start this off soooo boring, but Ike and I (Ike, introduce yourself)…

Oh hey there!
Ike and I have come down from da’ NORTH to share with you our tips and tricks on how to survive the greatest moral problem of our time.


So Jay and I have come up with 5 different ways of getting rid of the blues that a long winter brings. For each tip we’ve provided alternative routes for you if you need an easier way of doing things.

To start us off, Ike is gonna share his first tip for trekking through this snow storm (that lasts November-March).



Alright so this first tip for ya all is quite natural for an Unbound student but sometimes forgotten. Taking a trip is a fantastic way to break free from your sad, snowbound prison. Whether this is to meet up with friends who live out of state (we’ve all got ‘em), go someplace warm or just go somewhere that’s been sitting on that bucket list for far too long, there really isn’t a bad option. Anything that gets you out of your typical routine is a big win and should be pursued.

As stated earlier, this is a concept that is pretty common in our community (the world is our campus after all). You might’ve seen stories about Unbounders flying across the country multiple times a semester and just shudder at the thought of the stress involved while wondering how anyone can do that. The answer is surprisingly simple. In the words of an up and coming sports apparel brand, “Just do it”. Once you get out there and indulge your inner travel bug you get more comfortable with it. And ya know what the best part is? We’ve got tons of students who would be willing to give you tips and tricks necessary to make you a pro at traveling. A quick final note, winter is actually one of the times of year where flights are the cheapest, which sounds like a big ol’ green light to me, guy! See ya all at the airport!

So if you want to stay snowbound with winter depression there are a few surefire ways to guarantee that outcome. There is an alternative to taking a winter escape vacation: surf social media. What better way to experience the warmth of sunshine than to envy your friends who are off taking selfies in Key West, FL? (it’s almost like you’re there…but not.) This affords you the wonderful opportunity to watch students who contradict the broke college student stereotype.



November – December is a wonderful time of year. Fall melts away, and the whole world eagerly awaits Christmas. But then January 2nd hits. A hopeful time of year replaced with cold, ice, and gray clouds. Blah.

Listening to sounds of spring can quickly remind you of warmer and more hopeful weather. Rain, birds, and campfire sounds are a great way to begin. However, this isn’t exclusive to nature sounds. Music that reminds you of spring/summer can drastically uplift your winter blues. This is also an extremely helpful tip for winter studying. Crack open the textbook, grab a cup of coffee, and plug in your headphones.

Spring Forest – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1iboKia3AQ&t=6493s

A Gentle Thunderstorm – https://open.spotify.com/track/6yayIoldAdLZma98ePTyqt

The only alternative to this is clothing yourself in some summer apparel and sitting in a shower to simulate sitting in the rain. Not only is this a great way to reminisce about warmer days but this can also count as your shower for the year. Look at you, you multi-tasker you. While in the shower you could even scarf down a microwaved s’more because actual summertime campfire s’mores are overrated…right? After this you can maybe go sun tan underneath your lamp in your room. A true summer experience.



One of the worst parts about Winter Depression is really…well, the depression. Which can be a real let down. Anyhoo, I think you all can agree with me that when the vast amounts of white outside gets ya blue there’s nothing better than a good laugh. Chuckles, cackles, chortles or cachinnating are all healthy ways of fighting off those negative vibes. How does one do this, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. See, there are two outlets that we will look at to aid you on the conquest for chuckles.

First outlet we will look at is movies/TV shows. Now let me start off by saying that I don’t know what comedic style is right for you, but movies like Monty Python and The Holy Grail and TV shows like The Office (Parks and Rec) will always get a laugh out of me. You may have your go to funny movie so if ya do, go watch it and let the laughter flow. Oh and I almost forgot! I would (and everyone else in our community it seems) recommend watching some Studio C! They have really well done skits that are super funny and you can find them easily on YouTube!

Second outlet I’d recommend is watching some stand-up comedians. There are a lot of great comedians out there and there are a lot of very unfunny comedians, which could make things confusing if you’re new to the comedian world. Fortunately, I’m here to guide you like a comedic Yoda so calm thyself. Comedians like Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan and Tim Hawkins will never steer you wrong. They are all relatable, reliable, clean and actually funny throughout their routines. As long as they make you laugh and slap your knee, I think we will survive the winter!  

The alternative to laughing the winter depression away is to sit and cry while watching hallmark Christmas movies till the sun goes down (which is like 20 minutes after it rises). Pretend like it’s Christmas (like a monster) from January till March (or until you see grass). Movies like Little Women, The Christmas Choir, and The Christmas Shoes are sure to melt that cold heart away.



This next one may seem obvious or even stereotypical to some people, but its effectiveness never fails. Creating and sticking to a workout routine automatically increases your energy, joy, and health during the winter season. Can’t use a gym? No problem. There are plenty of at-home, body weight workouts that will increase your strength and energy tenfold. Start off simple with:

  • Pull Ups
  • Jogging
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Yoga (…I know…)

For some people, working out may not be an option, but something as simple as a walk can have the same effect. There are plenty of indoor gyms, as well as indoor sports, to participate in during the winter. Just remember an important factor. GET SOME SUNLIGHT!

If this sounds like too daunting a task, fear not, young one! An alternative for this would be to just lie in bed with a whole jug of protein powder and just munch on that powder for the whole day. I’ve never really seen it produce any results whatsoever, but hey, you could be the first! You’ll be a true pioneer.


5. BE HEALTHY: Take vitamin D/C pills, Eat Healthy & Drink Water, SLEEP.

Alrighty, so this is gonna be a tough one for all of us, but we here we go anyway. Contrary to common Unbound thought, espresso doesn’t cure everything. I know, I know, heresy, right? Unfortunately, it is true though, if we beat our bodies up by staying up too late or depriving it of helpful foods and vitamins you will eventually crack. Once you crack, you leave yourself open to winter-stinking-depression. So how do we keep ourselves running at maximum efficiency? Here are a few ways how!

Take Vitamins. Now I’m no doctor, but making sure you have ample amounts of necessary vitamins in you sounds like it might be helpful. Well believe it or not, it is helpful. For those of you who live in areas where you’ve literally forgotten what the sun looks like, it may be time to take some Vitamin D, my friend. Similarly, Vitamin C will help tremendously in keeping you well and not ill, which will definitely keep your spirits higher rather than coughing up a lung.

Eat Healthier. Seems obvious, right? Still, many of us think that a pack of ramen noodles is this generation’s version of manna from heaven. While ramen is pretty cool and inexpensive, things like eggs, fruits and certain veggies are pretty dang affordable too. Wanna know something else that’s cheap and super affordable? Water (duh). It’s a true life-giver and highly recommend you have two glasses for every coffee. So just go out and explore the wonderful world of food outside of Jimmy Dean breakfasts and see what you find.

Sleep Schedule. I know, you hate sleeping and don’t think it’s necessary but I gotta stop ya there since you’re wrong. Nailing down a legitimate sleep schedule has been proven to better your productivity and health. Now I know you’re thinking you can just toss some coffee into your body and hope you’ll run perfectly for another whole day, but that simply is just bad for you, and we all know it. Ben Franklin pointed out that getting good solid sleep can make a person healthy, wealthy and wise, which is something I’m interested in for sure.

Now comes the part you’re all expecting. If you haven’t figured out how to keep that winter depression yet, then this tip is right for you. Coffee is not heresy. In fact, in most cases it is life givin’. Start your day around 10am and don’t bother showering. Follow this up with a fresh cup of espresso (ignore the tips about drinking water). After you have eaten lunch around 3pm, proceed to drink two small mugs of black coffee. If you feel like you’re dying, this could be the lack of water. Drink a small cup of water to prepare yourself for your evening espresso.


Well, that’s all we’ve got for ya all. I hope you found these tips to be somewhat helpful and educational. Winter can seem long and dreadful, but fight on! Spring is just around the corner! Also I’m praying none of you actually try the secondary options. But actually, some would be funny so make sure you film it if you do! Just don’t break rule #4 (Don’t be stupid). Anyhoo, from a Minnesotan and a Chicagoan, we thank you for reading our tips and are right there with ya fightin’ back the winter. Stay strong! Best of luck!

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