Well, hello, fellow Unbounder! I appreciate you stopping by. Today I will be answer a couple questions that are probably on your mind at the moment. Like,

What are the Blitz Games?” and “What is with all these teams that are being introduced?”

To answer these questions we must go back to a time long ago. So sit back and relax as I spin a twine as old as time…

Long ago, there were four dear friends: Olympus, Everest, Kilimanjaro and Vesuvius. They had known each other for a long, long time – almost six months, in fact. Each friend lived on a great mountain of their own and visited each other as often as they could afford to fly across the globe to one another’s mountains.

A day came when they were out for a walk on Olympus’s mountain and saw something they had never seen before: a new mountain. But this new mountain was no ordinary mountain. It was unlike any other mountain in the entire universe. This mountain was so tall it rose into the heavens and touched the stars. At the very top, there sat a trophy so immense and glorious it is said that even the Titan Kronos got goose pimples when he gazed upon it.

The four friends looked at the mountain with awe and each longed to have such a trophy (partly just so they could give the Titans goose pimples). All the same, the four friends raced to the mountain, hoping to claim the trophy for themselves.

After six months of intense travel, they reached the mountain and were shocked to find a gate at the foot of it, preventing them access. In front of the gate sat a guru, and the guru informed them that only those who proved themselves worthy could possess the prize.

Perturbed by the guru’s cryptic mumbo-jumbo, the friends asked how they could prove themselves worthy. The guru chuckled and told them that there were many trials awaiting them upon the mountain and that these trials would test their strength, cunning, charisma, and endurance. If they overcame these trials and reached the trophy first, they would be declared Hero of all Summits, Master of all Apexes Everywhere, and Champion of the Blitz Games and be honored for ages to come.

With that, Olympus with all his strength, Everest with all her knowledge, Kilimanjaro with all his charisma, and Vesuvius with all her tenacity BLITZED the mountain. There, they battle to this day, none of them ever truly gaining the upper hand ….

But that’s all about to change.

At APEX this year, you will join this epic struggle. Through a series of team events, challenges, and activities, you, your small group, and ultimately, your team will fight to prove your team worthy of the Stinkin’ Huge Golden Trophy and the title of Champion of the Blitz Games. The drums of war have sounded my friend… Are you ready?

Now, I’m sure you have questions, and I am no confusing guru, so I will give it to you straight:

This past week, each team’s leader announced their team and what they stand for. You may have been tagged in one of those posts, which means you will be a part of that team at APEX this summer!

Fret not, you don’t have to do anything with this knowledge just yet. Also, if you were not tagged in the recent posts, again fret not. Once you register, you will be sorted into a team that the guru decides best suits you. When this happens you will be notified and you, too, can begin to prepare for the battles to come.

The competition will begin the day you arrive in Michigan and culminate in an epic final battle to remember, but one I am not legally allowed to tell you about yet. I am super excited about this because I know you’re going to love it, and I absolutely can’t wait to see you all out there. So let me sum up:

  1. The Blitz Games are a Team & Small Group-centered event.
  2. You will be sorted into your team shortly after registering for APEX: The Unbound Blitz.
  3. There is nothing you need to be doing right now, though trash-talking other teams is highly recommended, supported, and encouraged.
  4. Get involved in the Facebook Group to get updates or hear the discussions about the Blitz Games
  5. Be prepared to lose if you are not on Team Kilimanjaro!
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