“Do you have any other questions?”


I hesitated.  My first coaching call had gone so well…a little too well.  “Yeah,” I answered.  “Is this a scam?  Because you guys are super nice, and if you’ve put this much work into this thing, you might as well just actually do it.”

My coach was silent for a moment.  “Oh yeah, we’re totally a scam.”



“…I still think you guys should do it.”

True story.

I came into Unbound (then CollegePlus), skeptical––to put it lightly.  I was looking for flexibility, a degree that was legit, and no debt.  And while my first month of Unbound convinced me that all this was possible, (and that there was no scamming going on), the next claim I heard had me back wallowing in my doubts: They said they had a student community.

A student community.  Hah.  Weren’t we all doing school online?  Wasn’t that part of the pitch––if not the pitch––that you could do school from anywhere, and hence, have to go nowhere?  A student community…Maybe they’d forgotten the quotation marks…

They hadn’t.

Six months later, after being respectfully but persistently badgered by the Student Life team, I found myself at CPE3 APEX in September of 2015, surrounded by people from across the country, (and a few from beyond), and I was proved wrong about the community.  It existed––and the students hadn’t emerged from under rocks.  They’d started YouTube channels and businesses, worked in Pregnancy Resource Centers, traveled the country, composed music, created blogs, worked on farms, written books, played sports, probably discovered a planet somewhere in there, and more.  LOTS more.  So much more, that the community soon required a new slogan and a new challenge: Be Unbound––Together.

Be Unbound…Together.

No quotation marks needed.

If you’re wondering what being unbound looks like (especially the together part), and searching for practical tips and ideas are on how to do this, stick around.  That’s what this blog is for!

To wrap this thing up though, here is a brief letter of adieu from me to my fellow skeptics:

Dear Skeptics,

    I get it.  You don’t want to get your hopes up.  You don’t want this Unbound thing to fail.  And while I can promise you that it isn’t perfect (even though it’s pretty close), if you give the Unbound community your best effort, they’ll throw their best right back at you.  A note of warning: it might change your life.  Proceed fearlessly.  



Meet Sarah

Hey there! My name is Sarah, I’m a DK (Doctors’ Kid––and yes, that’s plural), the oldest of three, a water baby––seriously, I drifted across the pool in a perfect streamline at age two, no problem––a creative writer, drawer, painter, doodler, mystery enthusiast, chocolate fanatic, coffee and jazz lover, and designer of gingerbread sculptures.  When I’m not creating something or overthinking the world in general, I’m busy working on a BA in Entrepreneurship from Thomas Edison State University.