An Unbound Manifesto

What does it mean to be Unbound?

We all know that it’s a stellar way to earn a degree on our own time and without debt. But we also know that it’s the passion and vision of the community that truly sets Unbound above the rest. The Student Leadership Initiative set out as a team to capture this vision and passion and condense it into one powerful manifesto that unites and celebrates the community.

Read it here:

Dear Unbound Student,

Welcome to your community.

You’ve just joined a group of students who have a vision for something fuller, wilder, and deeper than a traditional education.

You now have the freedom to maximize your greatest resources — things like money, time, location, and relationships — which translates to the ability and responsibility
To be equipped for your future,
To pour back into others,
To pursue redemption in every area of life,
— to do it better.

And you’re not alone.

In this community, we are intentional about relationships, passionate about growth, ready for action, and unafraid of failure as we press onward to a greater goal.

We are not afraid to be extraordinary at the ordinary.

We are not just Unbound from something — we are Unbound for something.
We are not just here — we are here for a reason.
And we are in this together.

Be Unbound.

Want to dive deeper?

On July 8th, come to our free online session with Director of Student Life Jonathan Brush as he dives deeper into the Unbound Manifesto and describes the vision, passion, and energy of the Unbound community. We believe that being Unbound is so much more than a degree — it’s a lifestyle. We want to share our community with you.

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