Director of Student Life


I love doing pretty much anything with my wife and children, especially if it involves an adventure. I’m pretty convinced I have the best job on the planet and there are few things I like doing better than meeting and being around Unbound students. My job is to come up with and encourage really enormous crazy complicated ideas so that Hannah can simplify them, Aubry can make them better, Megan can organize them, and Kasey can make them happen.

FACT: I managed to fly out of a village in Honduras in a tiny airplane from a dirt runway just ahead of a group of AK-47 carrying drug runners who were upset my friend had just taken their picture.


Project Leader and Student Cabinet Director


I have been involved in Student Life since its founding in 2013, and it has been one of the greatest adventures of my life! I lead the Student Cabinet who plans APEX plus lots of other random projects (especially brainstorming. I love brainstorming). Because of Student Life, I have met dozens and dozens of amazing students, and among them I found my favorite person in the whole world and married him in 2014.

FACT: Goldfish crackers, chocolate milk, and Snapple peach tea were my favorite study snacks. They helped me survive my Liberal Arts Capstone.


Executive Assistant


I enjoy organizing and managing everything and anything. Emails are relaxing and chaos-turned-order is my passion. When I haven’t disappeared into spreadsheets, I can usually be found on video calls with long-distance friends discovering new ways to share life over time zones. Currently, I live in a California beach community with my parents, two sisters, and two energetic puppies.

FACT: My nickname around here is “Folders” because properly storing emails requires folders and subfolders. Lots of them. The rest of the Student Life team doesn’t quite understand this


Student Life Manager


With my recent BSBA in Project Management from LUO, I serve as the Project Manager for our team. From international trips to more local student events, I love connecting students to each other so they can make their own ideas reality through the support of the community. Between investing in friends near and far, you can find me reading books, loving on my dog, and trying new recipes with my family.

FACT: I met my husband on the Unbound Ecuador trip in 2015, and we have a goal to visit a new country every year. Five countries down, lots to go.


Student Communications Director


I’m totally addicted to learning. I have an almost (definitely) unhealthy obsession with what I know the least about. I graduated high school and wanted to go straight to law school. Instead I became an award-winning filmmaker while earning a degree in Economics. I was the marketing director on the Lumerit Student Cabinet in 2016. My first real job was as a policy analyst for the Texas Legislature. My second real job was as a private contractor working on three businesses at the same time. I’m currently obsessed with hip hop culture, efficiency, and communications. Check back next month and you’ll get a different answer.

FACT: I’ve received a non-fatal, but permanent, dose of radiation as a result of visiting areas of Belarus affected by Chernobyl.