Deciding to come to APEX is a big deal.

Not quite as big as choosing a major or deciding not to eat chocolate for a whole year…but definitely BIG. If you’re like me, big decisions are hard decisions, and hard decisions get put on the back burner until you forget about them, and it’s too late.

Trust me, you do not want to forget about APEX this year.

Now, I personally believe that deciding to come to APEX is one of the most important and rewarding decisions you will ever make, but you probably don’t believe me quite yet.

But what if I told you that I already knew exactly what you would love about APEX?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…


The Unbounder’s Official Myers-Briggs Guide on Why You Should Come to APEX

Among the most inquisitive students at camp, you probably signed up for Unbound just to see if you could strategically outwit the college system. You may not enjoy the huge size of the community, but you have a tight-knit group of friends that you can share your heart with. APEX may seem overwhelming at first, but you decide to sign up because you know your rational planning and quick-thinking adjustments could help your Blitz Games team achieve total victory.

You count down the days until APEX every year, because you know you will have five whole days of deep discussions and rambling debates with all your Unbound friends. You love to share your perspectives on Empower Calls, but nothing can truly beat sitting across from your friend for an early-morning coffee or discussing the meaning of life around the bonfire each night. By the end of the week, your think-tank is overflowing with ideas to process and sort through on the long flight home.

A natural leader, you are the APEX attendee that usually has a small gathering of friends around you at any given point in the week. You love to plan out the day’s activities, making sure that your whole group will have time to try the giant swing, conquer the escape room, and still leave time to analyze the best Blitz Games strategies. While you love using your team-building skills at home, APEX is where you can truly shine in a camp of like-minded students and world-changers!

Willing to jump into any debate head-first, you thrive on the fast-paced information that flows through APEX every year. You eagerly analyze each speaker and spark lively discussions after each session, making sure that everyone’s opinion is heard and argued. You also keep everyone laughing with your sarcasm and dry humor, making plenty of new friends along the way.

You may seem quiet when riding the bus into camp, but once you find a person who looks lost and uncertain, it’s off to the races as you try to make them feel welcome and at ease. As the week progresses, you eagerly soak in the ideas and challenges being presented, dreaming of all the ways you could implement them effectively once you get home. The only thing better than all the world-changing ideas at APEX is the life-changing relationships you build to help achieve them!

If anyone at APEX looks like they need a hug, you are probably the one who will give it to them. Always ready to swing on the hammocks or go for a walk around the lake, you enjoy spending quality time with old friends you rarely get to see in person and new friends who quickly feel like family. Often carrying around a notebook or sketch-pad, you strive to capture the unique beauty that only happens at APEX once a year using words, images, and the occasional coffee stain.

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you naturally attract a crowd with your genuine smile and caring attitude. Seeking to pull in the outsiders, you aren’t afraid to walk up to a new student and ask them where they’re from (probably Texas) and what they’re studying (probably Communications). While you may not be chosen as an official team leader, you are known as the one who subtly guides the group towards meaningful discussions and effective strategies.

While you enjoy the speakers and activities at APEX every year, your true happy place is in the middle of the dance floor. Outgoing and bright, you rarely stop smiling (or caffeinating) and move from friend to friend with ease. Always ready to listen and empathize, you love the opportunity to connect deeply with friends both old and new as you race around the go-kart track or play cards in the cabin after curfew.

If research and fact-checking were categories in the Blitz Games, you would have won the war before even arriving at APEX. Most likely a skeptic of this week-long camp experience, you calculate the best flight prices, analyze the pros and cons of missing work yet gaining professional development skills, and thoroughly vet each speaker. Once arriving at camp however, you quickly realize that there are dozens of fellow skeptics eager to compare flowcharts, and you suddenly find the week flying by more quickly than you would like.

Often unnoticed and underappreciated, you work hard to encourage all your friends to come to APEX so they can experience the amazing Unbound community alongside you! While they may not remember to thank you for it, fellow students are deeply appreciative of your invitations to sit together during a speaker session or play a round of pool. You love making sure that everyone else is having fun, often exhausting yourself in the process and needing a nice, long nap in your cozy bunk blanket.

If you’re not a current Cabinet member, you probably were in the past or think you should be in the future. Bursting with ideas about how to make the airport transitions smoother or fit more activities into the free time slot, you enjoy analyzing the event itself as much as the people you meet there. Eager to create more time with friends, you often spearhead a Pre-APEX or Post-APEX adventure to keep the good times rolling even after the buses leave.

A people person from head to toe, you want to meet every single student at APEX no matter how many conversations it takes. While your logical side tells you to slow down to avoid burnout, your emotional battery is fully charged by the end of the week. Always seeking to make people smile or offering help during clean-up, the week becomes a beautiful dance of giving and receiving as you are poured into and then turn around to bless others.

Always on the move, you usually have a camera, frisbee, or deck of cards in your hands. Your bursts of energy seem to surprise your roommates at 2am, but you quickly find another friend to continue your sleep-deprived conversation with. Never one to follow the rules, you enjoy sitting on the steps for speaker sessions, sneaking extra snacks out of the lunchroom, and discussing the need for Rule 4 with Jonathan at least once a day

Known as the camp chameleon, your mood swings and outfit changes are often hard to keep up with. Colorful and outgoing, you are always up for an adventure on the giant swing or a spontaneous jam session by the bonfire. At the same time however, you enjoy quiet morning strolls around the lake to process all the ideas and emotions of your week at APEX.

Passionate and fiery, you probably signed up for APEX without quite knowing what it was but expecting to have a thoroughly good time no matter the circumstances. Pushing the boundaries in both conversations and physical activities, you can usually be seen running around camp or engaging in debates during mealtimes. Rather than discuss Rule 4 with Jonathan, you tend to operate on a basis of act now and apologize later.

Always craving the spotlight, you were the first person to apply for Unbound’s Got Talent and are the last person to take a bow as you perform for all of your closest friends. Usually dressed to the nines, you may or may not have checked an extra bag on your flight just so you could bring all your favorite shoes to camp. Not all glitz and glamour however, you have a keen awareness of those around you and are always quick to offer advice or a just shoulder to cry on.


So, which APEX experience are you looking forward to? Early Bird Pricing ends in just one week along with our promo allowing you to bring a friend for free, so there is no better time to take the leap and sign up for the best five days of your summer.

APEX 2019 simply won’t be the same without you – whatever your personality might be!

Come to APEX

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