Your art matters.

Do you dream of being featured at Sundance, attending your own book signings, or playing on the biggest stage at a music festival? At GAP, you’ll be able to collaborate with other creatives, hear from experienced artists, and expand your opportunities in creative industries.

Registration is closed.


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (near Nashville)
Fly into TYS Airport


Lodging and food are included.


January 22-27, 2017
Fly in before 3 pm; fly out after 3 pm.


Danny Woods

Do you want to visually tell stories that change the way people view life? Danny Woods will teach you how he does that as a filmmaker.

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Ted Olson

Need some tips on how to just start as an author? Ted Olson will teach you how to pursue your dreams by starting small.

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Peter Marshall

Lost by the intricacies of the music industry? Peter Marshall is ready to walk you through every step to becoming a professional musician!

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Melanie Comber

Do you have a passion for painting, or just want to try it out? Melanie Comber will guide you through multiple art mediums and expand your art skills.

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“Working with Lumerit Unbound students feels like taking the passion, creativity, boldness, and dreams you have and multiplying it with each new person that sits down at the table. For years I had done projects and worked alone as a “single puzzle piece.” Working with Lumerit students is like finding the rest of the puzzle. Bring all you have to the table… you’ll be amazed how the other people grow, strengthen, and empower you to be the best version of yourself and simultaneously establish a flourishing team.”
Amie Comber
“Why work with Lumerit Unbound Scholars? You get to work with some of the most talented and passionate young people out there with distinct personalities, amazing gifts, and most importantly, visionary thinking. We form some of the craziest but most effective teams. Every time I’ve gotten to work with the Unbound family, it has always been a great challenge and an awesome adventure!”
Abraham Chen
“Because we’re all driven by passion and purpose, being with other Lumerit Scholars is an amazing thing. But working with fellow students is like nothing else I’ve experienced — strategies are developed and adapted at speed; amazing talents work in harmony towards ambitious goals; and relationships are deepened in unique ways. Everything about it amplifies my ability to impact the world.”
Ben Billups
Fly to TYS airport, arrive before 3pm on Sunday, January 22, and fly out after 3pm Friday January 27. When you do so and share your flight details with us, we will pick you up from the airport and return you at the close of the event. No need for a taxi, and we won’t leave anyone stranded at the airport.
Your food and lodging are covered in the registration price. During the event, you don’t have to pay for a hotel room or fast food on top of your registration price. Students will take turns serving each other meals.
There will be wifi in the cabin, and small chunks of free time if you have unavoidable school assignments.
Shoot Kasey an email at and we can make the necessary arrangements!
There will be adult staff on site to mitigate any issues that might arise. However, we ARE talking about Lumerit Scholars… arguably the most mature students on the planet. Last year we had over 150 of them at our conference and our biggest issue was a broken bone. We expect the same level of maturity from our students at GAP. (However, if we DO have an issue, we won’t hesitate to send someone home. We will not tolerate any sort of drugs or alcohol, or any other dangerous or inappropriate behavior that puts anyone at risk.)

Questions? Contact Kasey at