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Student-led, bi weekly video calls provide Unbound students an avenue for connection, conversation, and community. Discuss interesting topics with welcoming individuals by joining an Empower Call!

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Every Empower Call is led by an enthusiastic student leader trained to facilitate encouraging and insightful conversation! When you sign up for a call, you can check out the call description each leader writes so you know what to expect.

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Leading calls is a great way to get more involved in the student community and gain experience. We are looking for new people passionate about discussion!


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Do you have a topic idea you’re really itching to discuss? Whether it’s the latest community debate or a new idea, we’d love to hear it and get the call on the calendar.

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Meet the ECAT!

The Empower Call Administrative Team (ECAT) is the team of students who work tirelessly all year to run Empower Calls for students.  They do everything from selecting and scheduling leaders every week to marketing calls so that you know what’s going on!  Looking to find out more about Empower Calls or why they exist?  Talk to the ECAT!







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See what students are saying!

“A bunch of beautifully diverse minds come together to think critically. People agree and disagree, but always respect each other’s opinions.”
Carla Thompson
“Since their inception, Empower Calls have been in an important part of my life. The conversations I’ve had and the memories I’ve made on Empower calls will stick with me for long into the future, and that power will continue as long as there are students to attend them.”
Collin Laramee
“From the first call I entered into today having attended hundreds more, the environment, people, encouragement, and fellowship has drawn me in and kept me coming back. I have met lifelong friends. I have gone from a lonely college student who didn’t have much drive, to someone who is a leader, who is motivated and full of energy.”
Kyle Zurbriggen