So here’s something I’m sure at least a part of you can relate to.  Sometimes, I just don’t want to get involved with other humans. If I could go through my day without having any interaction with an organic lifeform (barring animals), that would be the best day ever. And for the first two-ish years of Unbound, that’s basically how I viewed Student Life. I honestly didn’t want to do much in the student community. It wasn’t like I avoided the community at all costs, I went to APEX and a few Empower calls, but I just wasn’t all that interested. So I did school, helped my family, and, all in all, kept to myself. And I can’t say it was a bad decision, because it was wonderful at the time. But this year, I decided to change that.

And it made a huge difference.

Somehow, even though I have more things on my plate this year than last, I cannot tell you how much easier school, and life has been for me. Last year was me barely staying on top of the few(ish) responsibilities I had, this year, I can almost say that I’m attacking my duties with a vengeance. This doesn’t mean that I’m totally on top of everything….that would just be scary, but at least I’m not drowning. Having a community of students going through vastly different, yet similar experiences as you, is an invaluable tool that needs to be leveraged to it’s highest potential, and I’d love to encourage you to go for it.

But what does a college with community look like?

Facebook Group

Do you have a question about, well, anything? Courses, teachers, coaching, the Bible, whatever you need to know – if you ask it, you’ll have several amazing people responding as soon as they possibly can. (It’s almost scary how fast you can get answers at times) It’s one of the best resources ever. Almost all of your fellow students are right there, ready to help and commiserate with you. It’s also great if you have a relatable joke to make someone smile, or need a little smile yourself. We have quite a few comedians in the group. There are many other Facebook groups about specific interests that you can get involved if you wish.

Empower Calls

Okay, you’re smart and deep thinking, and possibly a Christian. You will probably also love amazing and deep conversations about the world. But no matter how hard you try, you can only take conversations so deep when you only talk to yourself (trust me, I’ve tried.) If you think that you might need a few new conversational traveling buddies, allow me to introduce you to Empower Calls. Every other week, some of the most amazing students in the Unbound community put together tons of different calls all based around some of the most intriguing and helpful topics ever. There’s also a few that aren’t so deep, but you’ll still learn a lot.


APEX, GAP, Engage events (these puppies are just taking off, but they’re awesome), all of these are the most amazing events that I have ever attended. APEX is the big, epic, boss of all events, the national student convention. At it, you can have the opportunity to meet over two hundred other students, network, learn from amazing speakers, and just grow in many aspects of your life.

Being involved in even one of these amazing opportunities means a much more valuable experience throughout college, and beyond. So many amazing businesses and people have been molded and brought to light through Student Life. Even if you are extremely hesitant to  jump in, I assure you the water’s fine. You’ll wonder why you haven’t jumped in sooner.

Meet Angie

Angie’s purpose in life is to bring smiles, kindness, and happiness into the world. Her chosen tools to do that are those of writing, humor, and  art. She’s currently pursuing a BA in Communications so that she can get a job.