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18 05, 2017

Avery’s Story

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Meet Avery " Intro! - Jellyman, Offspring,  Offspring, Jellyman" - Finding Nemo While standing in the lunch food line during  APEX 2016, I struck up a conversation with a young lady named Avery Ternberg. I”m not sure how, but after that I couldn’t stop hanging out with her. From walking on the beach talking about our families to sitting in my backyard, soaking in a hot tub laughing about how little we know about life, and yet how we’re going to take it on, I’m incredibly blessed to have her in my life. You [...]

10 05, 2017

Missions: Ecuador

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I am so excited! I’m even more excited than I am for APEX…if that’s possible. I feel like sometimes I just can’t stop smiling. What is the reason for my anticipation? On Friday, May 12 at 11:30 A.M., I am hopping on a plane and racing off with 17 other team members for the Unbound Ecuador Mission Trip through Global Encounters. A trip filled with ministry, new friendships, and lots of energetic kids. Very soon, I will be packing my suitcases tightly filled with team supplies of brightly-colored bandanas, craft jewels, beach balls, giant erasers, and a couple inflatable alligators. [...]

4 05, 2017

Unbound Stories: Meet Sarah

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Meet Sarah At fifteen, I already knew my life purpose: to paint, draw, and beautify the world as a professional artist.  The obviousness of this was...relieving.  I wasn’t going to end up like those “other people” panicking their way through college and into their early twenties with no idea of where to go.  I had a yellow brick road to follow with nothing holding me back.  Nothing. Flash forward a year, and I’m sixteen, on my bedroom floor, crying.  My drawing hand is wrapped in a brace.  The Velcro crackles as I rub it. [...]

10 03, 2017

Unbound Stories: Meet Daryle

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Meet Daryle "Daryle Mindeman was sixteen when he discovered Unbound (then CollegePlus) in 2011. At that point, he was busy pursuing scholarships to offset the substantial cost of college, and exploring the idea of an engineering degree. Amidst all this, a friend told him about Unbound and offered some bait: “If you enroll, you’ll get a free iPad.” After a single call with Jonathan Brush, Daryle enrolled. But why? Why did Daryle enroll in Unbound? The answer: flexibility and the opportunity to earn his degree quickly. Unbound offered both. Daryle graduated in 2015. Though [...]