4 05, 2017

Unbound Stories: Meet Sarah

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Meet Sarah At fifteen, I already knew my life purpose: to paint, draw, and beautify the world as a professional artist.  The obviousness of this was...relieving.  I wasn’t going to end up like those “other people” panicking their way through college and into their early twenties with no idea of where to go.  I had a yellow brick road to follow with nothing holding me back.  Nothing. Flash forward a year, and I’m sixteen, on my bedroom floor, crying.  My drawing hand is wrapped in a brace.  The Velcro crackles as I rub it. [...]

27 04, 2017

Finding Contentment in Struggle

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Finding Contentment in the Struggle Sometimes the nights are short and the days are long in the lives of college students. Sometimes we drink more cups of coffee than we get hours of sleep (I know I’ve done that one too many times). Sometimes we struggle through tough courses, working, studying, and trying to be there for our families – and yet it often just feels like we’re sitting at our desks for too many hours, barely surviving on late nights and early mornings; probably guzzling too much espresso. My current Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with memes and [...]

17 04, 2017

After the Mountain Top

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What do New Braunfels, TX, Baltimore, and Pigeon Forge, TN, all have in common? They are all locations where I have met some of the most amazing friends I will ever have. Unbound student events are some of the most electric and inspiring events that I've experienced. If you're skeptical, ask anyone who has been to a student event or better yet, come to Apex this year to see for yourself. The anticipation of these events is a thrill that is hard to match. But nothing beats the fellowship and learning that happens at these gatherings. I recently returned from [...]

12 04, 2017

Hope in the Ruts

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Here on the blog, we’ve been talking a lot lately about this incredible group of people we are part of in as Unbounders and the many incredible experiences that come out of this community.  But there is another side to being Unbound -- to life, actually -- that is not as glamorous, exciting, or inspiring. Because the truth is, we don’t live life leaping from one mountaintop experience to the next. The big part of our lives is fighting gravity up the mountains, sliding down the back sides, and struggling through the valleys and ruts in between. It’s spring at last! [...]