6 03, 2017

Unbound Together

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“Do you have any other questions?”   I hesitated.  My first coaching call had gone so well...a little too well.  “Yeah,” I answered.  “Is this a scam?  Because you guys are super nice, and if you’ve put this much work into this thing, you might as well just actually do it.” My coach was silent for a moment.  “Oh yeah, we’re totally a scam.” “Ah.” “Yep.” “...I still think you guys should do it.” True story. I came into Unbound (then CollegePlus), skeptical––to put it lightly.  I was looking for flexibility, a degree that was legit, and no debt. [...]

6 03, 2017

A Unique Form of Communication

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Hey Unbound Student, You’re a part of something amazing. You’re a pioneer in the art of online communication! Whether that’s email, Facebook, or video chatting with friends, discussions on the internet are still a very new concept. No wonder joining one can be so nerve-wracking! If you’re not sure how to effectively engage in an online conversation, here are a few tips to help you along the way. Be Aware Of The Difficulties. Think about the common problems of technology. For instance, video calls will lag due to bad internet connection. In addition, communicating through written text inherently eliminates body [...]