5 04, 2019

Meet Benjamin Hardy

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In the spring of 2015, I was a young Unbounder whose life consisted of working my little bank teller job, taking CLEP tests, and spending what little free time I had with my family. Because of how busy I was, I didn’t have time for much else. Because of this, I abandoned past interests and habits I knew were good for me. I stopped writing fiction, journaling, and spending time meditating on Scripture. I succumbed to the stay-up-late-and-sleep-as long-as-possible lifestyle in which I drank way too much coffee and procrastinated ‘til it hurt. That’s when I realized I needed some [...]

29 03, 2019

What is Capstone?

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What do leadership, mentorship, story telling, MLA papers, roller skating, hiking, snow, mountains, Patagonia fair-trade fleece sweaters (mouthful), and jet fuel-like black coffee have in common? You were thinking of Capstone, right? No? Well perhaps you are less than familiar with this incredible opportunity for all aspiring leaders in Unbound. So let me walk you through my experience at Capstone 2019. But first, a word on the Leadership courses. If you’ve been in Unbound for any great period of time, you’ve probably heard of the Signature Leadership Courses taught by Dr. Jeff Myers. These three courses teach you all you [...]

22 03, 2019

The Myers-Briggs Guide to APEX

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Deciding to come to APEX is a big deal. Not quite as big as choosing a major or deciding not to eat chocolate for a whole year...but definitely BIG. If you’re like me, big decisions are hard decisions, and hard decisions get put on the back burner until you forget about them, and it’s too late. Trust me, you do not want to forget about APEX this year. Now, I personally believe that deciding to come to APEX is one of the most important and rewarding decisions you will ever make, but you probably don’t believe me quite yet. But [...]

16 03, 2019

3 Ways to Level-Up Your Life

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“The thinking that got you here won’t get you there.” - Benjamin Hardy As a former self-taught homeschooler, an Unbounder, and now, a self-employed realtor and aspiring author, I know what it means to go it alone. I know what it feels like to set a goal and then work my butt off to achieve it. But now I’m finding that hard work isn’t enough. Self-motivated determination will only get you so far. It will kickstart your business, fuel the initial stages of your creative project, and give you the courage to make the leap into the risky unknown, [...]