There are many ways that we Unbounders are different from the rest of the population, but there is one thing that is near and dear to (almost) every Unbounder’s heart: staying up late. Whether we are actually insomniacs, vampires or just avid coffee drinkers, we all seem to have an attachment to the evening hours, and I personally think that’s super special.

Now, there are some who would disagree. They would say that once the sun is gone, so is our safety AND our morality (little extreme I know, but hey I’m trying to make a point). Well, I’m going to make a case for late nights to hopefully reassure those who are wary of the “dark times.” #fixcurfew


Ideas Come At Night:

Although Ben Franklin said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” this makes me think that he never tried the whole staying-up-late thing. I personally have accomplished some the most intellectual activities of my life well after 11pm. These include school activities, work projects or profound brainstorm sessions.

To explain this, I will share a story. While the Cabinet and I were in San Antonio preparing our presentations to showcase our ideas for APEX, I realized something: I had no presentation. The time was around 11:30pm, and I knew I needed to make one. I had seen the impressive content my fellow Cabinet members had created for their presentations and knew the bar was high. So I buckled in for a late evening of work, and around 12:30am an idea hit me like a train! I began to work ferociously and within the hour I had a presentation complete with a PowerPoint and compelling imagery. You can see my masterpiece here.

But all joking aside, I think you all understand the point I’m making. Most often our best ideas come at the weirdest times, and for me, it’s at night. I would say about 90% of my contributions to APEX planning this year have come from my brain at about 12am or so (the rest of the Cabinet can attest to this).


Adventures Happen At Night:

Alright, so as Unbounders we love adventure, right? We like kicking the norm in the butt and embarking on some grand quest (que Bilbo yelling “I’m going on an adventure!!”). I’ve had plenty of adventures during the daytime and absolutely had a blast, but only adventuring in the daytime is like the yin without the yang. It’s cool, but it’s not the whole experience.

Night adventures are some of the best adventures I’ve ever had! I shall share another story. So I was in VA visiting some Unbounders, and it came time to head back to Baltimore to fly out the next morning. As we drove along, we noticed that we were coming up on Harper’s Ferry (which is amazing if you’ve never been there). We decided that even though it was late, we wanted to stop and look around.

We pulled in, grabbed our cream sodas that we had purchased earlier, and began walking about. We took note of something right away — we had the whole town to ourselves (except for the random dog that ran past us). Everyone had turned in for the evening. We walked ‘til we came to the old remains of what appeared to be a brick church. We walked over and helped each other up onto a ledge on the remains. There we sat with our cream sodas and a quiet little town. We heard and saw the distant highway, but it was so tiny that the cars just looked like a line of Christmas lights in the dark.

This all may sound weird or lame, but for me, it was a moment to take a breath and take in the beautiful countryside. From up there, things seemed so small, including my problems and worries. We talked, we joked and we talked some more until the cream soda was gone. So we hopped down from our perch and headed back towards the car. This is still a moment I like to come back to often because it was just a good time. All thanks to a late night adventure.


Movies Are Better At Night:

So, this is something I hope everyone agrees on. You should not, I repeat, should not watch movies in the middle of the day (unless you’re doing a Marvel or Lord of the Rings marathon)! It adds a completely different vibe to watch a movie with friends at a decently late hour. You don’t have to worry about sun glare on the TV screen. Blankets make more sense when the sun is gone. And you feel better about splurging on a giant bowl of ice cream. We once started watching The Dark Knight at around 11:30pm, which means that it finished at around 2am. Totally worth it.

Another perk to watching a movie late into the evening is that some people fall asleep during the movie. This provides a completely new and exhilarating form of entertainment. Pranking a sleeping friend after a movie is possibly the most wholesome activity there is. Whether you set up a haunted house style prank or just wake him with an air horn, the possibilities are endless. Overall, watching movies is the best when it is done very late in the evening, and I would highly recommend that you try it!


Fires And Stars Come Out At Night:  

Finally, there are some things that are just not the same in the daytime. Two examples of this are campfires and stargazing. Unless you live outdoors in a northern region, there is really no reason to make a fire during the day. Whereas at night, you can make a fire, and it instantly becomes a hub for good conversation and plenty of laughs.

Then, of course, there is star gazing, a wholesome activity that really shows the depth of God’s creation and again spurs on great conversation. Both of these have something in common: good conversation. I think legit conversation is something that is dear to everyone reading this. Now I’m not saying that good conversations don’t happen during the day. Here’s what I am saying: I think that once it gets dark, a lot of distractions are done away with because of the dark. You can’t get distracted by a squirrel if ya can’t see the squirrel, know what I’m sayin?

Let me sum up (insert Inigo Montoya’s voice): campfires and star gazing are basically a nighttime exclusive activity that leads to better conversations, which leads to better friendships. See how that works? Late nights → Fires/Stars → Good Conversations → Better Friendships. Thus, late nights lead to better friendships. Simple logic, people.


In closing, I hope that you take to heart what you have read here today. If you’re a fellow night owl, I hope this reinforces your way of life. If you are not a night owl, then I hope that you will consider the night owl life and give the next vampire/insomniac/midnight coffee drinker a high-five.

Also, help me #fixcurfew by putting your favorite post-11pm activities in the comments.

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