Hey Unbound Student,

You’re a part of something amazing. You’re a pioneer in the art of online communication! Whether that’s email, Facebook, or video chatting with friends, discussions on the internet are still a very new concept. No wonder joining one can be so nerve-wracking! If you’re not sure how to effectively engage in an online conversation, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Be Aware Of The Difficulties.

Think about the common problems of technology. For instance, video calls will lag due to bad internet connection. In addition, communicating through written text inherently eliminates body language. Becoming aware of technology’s limitations can be incredibly helpful as you craft your next message or make your next call.

Implement Basic Communication Skills.

A message that is clear, concise, and courteous falls into the realm of successful communication, but there are so many other elements that can help your correspondences as well! Check out this article for some more quick tips for improving your communication.

Be Okay With Messing Up.

Everyone goes through the mistake-making stage, and no one in the student community expects perfection. Allow yourself to gracefully navigate through the learning process of working with technology. Not only does practice make perfect, but you (and others) will be encouraged by your continuous strides.

The internet opens so many doors for communication, and understanding how to communicate effectively is a constant learning process. If you stay aware of technological difficulties, incorporate basic communication skills, and allow yourself to make mistakes, you can utilize the internet for the betterment of your relationships and ultimately, for the glory of God.

Meet Carla

Carla’s passion is encouraging love, faith, and joy in others through visual, written, and personal communication. She enrolled in Unbound in September 2013 and is pursuing a BA in Communications through Thomas Edison State University.